Major Update on Death of Jawbones from Drugs Commonly Used by Women

[Rosemont, IL, October 1, 2014] Drugs commonly used by women to prevent osteoporosis and used by both men and women for treating a form of cancer are associated necrosis (death) of jawbones. It has been found that another type of drug that blocks blood vessel formation carries the same risk. The American Association of Oral… Read more »

Gun and Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries More Common in Low Income Children and Adolescents

[Rosemont, IL, September 1, 2014] Each year, a substantial number of children and adolescents with facial fractures are seen in hospital emergency departments (EDs). To date, most studies focusing on these patients have been restricted to regional hospital settings. “Emergency Department Visits With Facial Fractures Among Children and Adolescents: An Analysis of Profile and Predictors… Read more »

New Procedure Promises Acceleration of Bone Healing

[Rosemont, IL, June 1, 2014] Approximately 6.3 million bone fractures occur each year in the United States. University of Pittsburgh bioengineers and oral-maxillofacial surgeon researchers report in the June issue of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery details of a promising procedure with the potential for accelerating bone healing. Download Press Release.

Technique Removes Moles with Minimal Scarring

[Rosemont, IL, June 1, 2014] Patients frequently see a surgeon for the removal of moles and related lesions from the face and neck. Numerous ways have been used to remove facial moles. Unfortunately, past treatment methods share the same drawback: all too often, they result in pronounced and unsightly scarring. Many patients decide to live… Read more »

Severe Bone Loss in Upper Jaw No Longer a Barrier to Dental Implants

[Rosemont, IL, May 1, 2014] Until relatively recently, dental implants were not recommended for patients with severe bone loss in the upper jaw. Such cases often required multiple surgeries over a protracted period of time and were fraught with complications, as well as an unacceptably high failure rate. The development of a host of new… Read more »

April is National Facial Protection Month

This month we’re spreading the word to remind both children and adults: as you suit up for outdoor activities this spring, don’t forget to protect your face and head. Spring often brings a flood of patients suffering with head, mouth and facial injuries resulting from sports-related accidents to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms. Many oral… Read more »

Changing Trends Show Elderly at Increased Risk for Facial Injuries

[Rosemont, IL, April 1, 2014] Common causes of fractures to the face and jaws include motor vehicle collisions (MVCs), assaults, sports injuries, job related injuries, domestic violence and falls. A study featured in the April issue of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery looked at trauma data collected by oral and maxillofacial surgeons at… Read more »

Not All Motorcycle Helmets Offer Adequate Protection in Crashes

[Rosemont, IL, March 1, 2014] Throughout the world, motorcycles are a major contributor to road crashes that involve deaths and serious injuries. In response, many US states and foreign countries have enacted motorcycle helmet laws. Although a review of the scientific literature shows that wearing helmets has led to a marked decrease in the number… Read more »