Five Health Organizations Double Down on Mouth Guards

Rosemont, Ill., April 1, 2016– April is National Facial Protection Month and this year five of the nation’s top dental associations are reminding athletes and recreational sports players to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. Mouth guards are an essential piece of athletic gear and can help prevent serious, painful facial injuries that affect… Read more »

Facial Gunshot Wounds Pose Multiple Challenges

Most facial gunshot wounds (GSWs) are treated at local level 1 trauma centers in urban settings. These injuries are complex because they involve the skull bones, brain, and blood vessels as well as respiratory complications and psychological issues. Their management remains controversial in terms of treatment timing and reconstructive technique. And the associated financial implications… Read more »

Artificial Jaw Joint Stands the Test of Time

[Rosemont, Illinois, May 1, 2015] Arthritis of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the joint that works the lower jaw, is a common and severely debilitating condition. Patients frequently have severe chronic pain, are unable to open their mouth to properly chew food, and can have facial disfigurement. Before the advent of modern artificial jaw joint technology,… Read more »

Dental Specialties and Organizations Support AAOMS Wisdom Tooth Guidelines

[Rosemont, IL, April 20, 2016] Eight dental specialties and three international OMS associations have signed on to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) White Paper on the Management of Third Molar Teeth, which advocates evidence-based guidelines for managing wisdom teeth. Download Press Release.

Take Five: Sports Safety Tips for National Facial Protection Month

Rosemont, IL (March 30,2015) – Calling all MVPs, team captains, full roster players, practice squads, coaches, teachers and parents/caregivers. Five of the nation’s top dental associations want to remind everyone to play it safe during recreational and organized sports to help prevent serious, painful facial injuries that can take the fun out of the game…. Read more »