April is National Facial Protection Month Play It Smart the First Time – Wear Protective Gear and Prevent Injuries

Rosemont, Illinois – Some dental and facial injuries sustained in sports activities are preventable. April is National Facial Protection Month (NFPM) and five dental organizations have joined forces to educate the public to play it smart the first time by wearing mouth guards and other protective gear to prevent injuries. The Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD), the… Read more »

JOMS study: ‘Silent sleep apnea’ prevalent in patients with jaw deformity

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is recognized as a major cause of sleep disturbances and potentially life-threatening breathing disorders, and it is typically discovered in overweight patients. However, a new study finds OSA is often missed during an initial surgical consultation in those with certain jaw deformities, particularly if the patient is not… Read more »

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Dental associations urge public to get regular oral cancer examinations and self-check as early detection saves lives Rosemont, IL – Every hour, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, someone dies of oral or oropharyngeal cancer – cancer of the mouth and upper throat. Yet, if oral cancer is detected and treated early, treatment-related health problems are reduced and survival rates may… Read more »

OMS performs mission work with Mercy Ships

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia-based oral surgeon is transforming faces and lives, even in her spare time. For the past six years, Dr. Joli Chou, MD, DMD of Jefferson University Hospital has donated two weeks a year to Mercy Ships. She works alongside other medical professionals to provide much-needed healthcare to underserved communities in Africa. Read… Read more »

JOMS study: Reconstruction of facial gunshot wounds improved by computer-aided surgery

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Using an innovative new protocol employing computer-aided surgery for reconstructing facial gunshot wounds can result in many benefits, including restoration of pre-injury breathing and eating, according to a just published study. Other benefits of the functional anatomic computer engineered surgery (FACES) protocol include proper jaw position, good facial projection, and improved esthetics… Read more »

JOMS study: Tests used for mouth cancer help uncover other serious health problems

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Routine tests used to guide treatment for mouth cancers can reveal two or more significant chronic health conditions, allowing doctors to better evaluate those patients, according to a new study. Typically conducted during the initial steps of cancer treatment plans, these exams for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) help discover comorbidities –… Read more »

AAOMS announces 2017-18 officers, board

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Brett L. Ferguson, DDS, FACS, began his term as the 100th president of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) during the 2017 AAOMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco last month. Along with other officers and the Board of Trustees, Ferguson assumes leadership for 2017-18 of the professional organization representing… Read more »