Improved Surgical Technique for Moving Entire Face Forward to Correct Concave Faces

[Rosemont, IL, May 1, 2014] Concave faces, the result of underdevelopment of the middle of the face (midfacial hypoplasia) is a deformity in which growth of the upper jaw, cheekbones, and eye sockets lags behind that of the rest of the face. It is characterized by eyes that seem overly large due to poorly developed sockets, and a severe underbite that causes the lower teeth to stick out farther than the upper teeth. A surgical procedure called a Le Fort III osteotomy is used to bring the entire skeleton of the middle of the face forwards including the eye sockets, nose, cheekbones, and upper jaw. This elaborate and delicate procedure fixes the facial concavity in patients suffering from this deformity.

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